Why Preppers Should Use .223 Rem Ammo

The .223 Rem ammo is without doubt one of the most common center fire rifle cartridges in the developed world, which also means that it’s one of the best prepping ammo’s around. Although widely used as a sporting and hunting cartridge, .223 is also quite popular as varmint rounds. This is because they are efficient and versatile. You can use .223 Rem cartridges for any situation or problems. You can use them for hunting or self-defense. They also offer a good blend of range, velocity and penetration power. So from a purely practical point of view, .223 cartridges are certainly one of the best ammunition for preppers.

Versatility of .223 Rem Ammo

The reason behind the versatility of .223 cartridges is because they contain more powder than other types of cartridges. For example, the equally popular .22LR cartridge has less powder. Furthermore, despite its relatively heavy build, the .223 can still travel at higher velocities than most other cartridges, which basically means that it can deliver a lot more power on impact. They can, for example, puncture through lead pipes and other similar materials, creating neat entry and exit points at the same time.

Aside from their versatility, it’s also worth mentioning that .223 Rem cartridges can deliver 90gr VLD’s at approximately 1,000 yards. Furthermore, thanks to extensive customization, .223 Remington ammo can match the accuracy of more advanced cartridges when used in a good rifle.

Other Features

The .223 also has the ability to create relatively large wound channels, and this is because of cartridge’s tendency to tumble upon impact. There’s also the fact that .223 cartridges have hydrostatic shock, which helps to increase their overall performance and power. So in terms of performance, .223 Rem cartridges do offer a lot of range and power.

These features alone make the .223 cartridge an ideal option for a dedicated prepper, but aside from pure performance, .223’s are also easy to store around the house. Furthermore, thanks to their popularity, acquiring .223 Rem cartridges is also relatively easy and they are also quite affordable. So even during a bad situation, you’ll still have an easier time finding .223’s than most other types of ammo.

So to sum up the value behind .223 cartridges for prepping, they’re versatile, powerful, accurate and they’re easy to find. If you’re serious about prepping, then .223 Rem cartridges are what you’re looking for. They’re not special, but they can get the job done, and that’s what matters.